The ever-elusive productive weekend.

I’m back to the grind of having a real job, commuting to work each morning at the same time, working the set number of hours, and getting back home at the usual time. It’s been a good 10 months of not doing this so it’s actually been a bit of a relief to have some sort of routine and set expectations for the day.

NOT working, no reliable income, and no set sleeping hours were really throwing me off. I’d try to plan to do something productive or get some schedule down during the week but it just wouldn’t pan out right. I guess I’m now beginning to understand what’s meant by “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” Now that I have so much to do at work AND in my personal life, I’m actually getting so much more done. Even during the day at work, I’ve been very good at taking care of personal stuff real quick over the phone or online. I’m just ON IT.

With the weekend coming around though, I’m back to being listless and lost and wandering with what to do next. I guess I still do get some shit done but I’m just missing that stronger sense of direction with real deadlines.

I want to work on that with my own personal goals, or rather dreams. They say dreams only become true goals when you stick a deadline to them. I can say I have dreamy goals then, for now. But seriously, I want to figure out how to become more mature and responsible in getting what I want, on my own.


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