Apps for Sanity

Franklin Covey PlanPlus has been my friend for years now. I mean ages. I started using this PlanPlus Outlook plug-in back in last century, late 90s. I think I started off with Version 1 and now it’s up to Version 7.+ something.

I’ve basically used it more for keeping track of tasks at work and also my personal stuff. I’ve made up so many categories based on project, work or personal, online or not, and where I am. What I really loved about it was my syncing it with whatever PDA I had back then and I still do so until now. I first started off with the Palm IIIc then got on HP Windows Pocket PC mobile. I stayed on Windows Mobile platform for a few years until I got on the Android and Apple iPod Touch 3 years ago.

I’ve done syncing combinations of my tasks and calendar with Toodledo, Remember the Milk (costs a bit of money, Toodledo is free), Google Tasks, and Pocket Informant which eventually integrated Franklin Covey PlanPlus into their system. I’m in the middle of trying different cloud-based apps for project management/task management and I’ve decided (for now) to stick with PlanPlus tasks in Outlook while at work, and syncing that with my Toodledo account (web-based) using Chromatic Dragon, then syncing FROM Toodledo to Pocket Informant which I have installed on my Android phone, Android tablet, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Sounds a bit crazy but if you try it, the UI is really great. I’m still trying out lots of other apps, installing them on different mobile platforms and testing them online. One thing I really need them to do is be cloud-based and work with Google Calendar. I’m just trying to avoid using 2 separate apps for tasks and calendar.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for other cool and sexy apps out there. Thanks.


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